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Aqua Cat Plumbing Services

  • $113 Drain Special

    Drains 2" and under, and up to 79 feet. Must have drain clean-out access. Does not include roof vent access.

  • $600 Alkaline Water

    Includes all parts and labor to install a 9-Stage Pro Series Alkaline Water Reverse Osmosis System. Made in USA!

  • Water Heater Service

    Flush your Standard Water Heater for just $79! - Maintenance & Flush for Tankless Water Heater $113 includes descaling.

Pipe Leak Gilbert AZ

Fast & Affordable Leak Repair.

Aqua Cat Plumbing Services is the most affordable leak repair plumber here in the Valley serving Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, Payson, Mesa, and most of Arizona.

The stress of a water or sewer leak in your home is bad because of the high costs on both to your water bill and the repair work needed. Why make the process more lengthily and expensive?

No leak can hide from Aqua Cat Plumbing Service. With my leak detection technology, I will guarantee to locate the your water leak or it’s free.

I Can Repair Any Brand From Budget To High End!

Save your money with the new "Made in the USA" Pro Series Products From Aqua Cat Plumbing Services. Your plumbing fixtures look better & will work more efficiently. Cleaning time & bills could be reduced by over half. Your appliances might last several years longer. Whole home solutions for your family’s health, comfort, and protection. From better tasting water, softer skin and hair, cleaner laundry. Designed to remove hard water and the scale buildup associated with it. Upgraded 10% resin provides improved chlorine resistance for longer life on chlorinated water.

Pentair High Efficiency RO Membrane, 1:1 Waste Ratio with ISO Twist Filters.

Complete 9 Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems with Alkaline mineral cartridges provide clean, fresh, pH-balanced alkaline drinking water for the home. The best choice for reduction of the following: chromium III and chromium VI - copper - cysts (e.g. Cryptosporidium & Giardia) - dissolved metals and minerals - fluoride - lead - mercury- - nitrates - selenium - sodium - chlorine - taste - odor - sediment - dirt - rust and other suspended solids - TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

Water Heater Repairs & Service

Your electric, gas, and tankless water heater repair and installation services in one place. Highly experienced water heater service to ensure that your water heater problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. I service the Glendale and Phoenix Area along with most other AZ Cities. I service all water heater brands & carry most of parts to ensure your water heater is repaired quickly and you don’t have to wait days for parts to be shipped. If your existing water heater is beyond repair, I can give you several options for replacing your water heater.

Never run out of hot water again.

Regardless of how long your teenagers are in the shower only pay to heat the water you actually use. The compact units are easily installed in small areas making it ideal for apartments and condos. Electric, LPG, and natural gas models are available for both outdoor and indoor sizes. Condensing systems are up to 90% energy efficient and most of the leading brands offer 6 or 7 Star energy rated upgrades. Expect to see 20+ year life with water treatment or yearly maintenance.